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Julia Verdin

British Producer Julia Verdin has established herself as one of Hollywood’s leading independent producers, with over 30 critically acclaimed feature films produced to date.

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Rough Diamond Productions has a current slate of nine projects that are in active development. Find out more about the genres, directors, writers and synopsis’ of the films.

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As well as making films, Rough Diamond Productions operates as a production services company for others. Rough Diamond puts together production from conception to final master.

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We offer consultation services including Production Consulting, Script Consulting & Script Coverage and Casting & Talent Packaging. We offer hourly sessions and full day workshops.

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We cannot rely upon their silence to tell us they are suffering.




June 13, 2020

‘Lost Girls: Angie’s Story’

View full article... Julia Verdin’s 'Lost Girls: Angie's Story' is a powerful story with a gripping real world message revolving around the victims of sex trafficking. Inspired by Julia Verdin’s time volunteering at a runaway children’s shelter in Los Angeles,…
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