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Rough Diamond Productions

Rough Diamond Productions is a leading film production company founded by producer Julia Verdin in 1993 with the goal of creating outstanding feature films that entertain and inspire.

Rough Diamond distinguishes itself by crafting social message narratives at all budget levels that arouse compassion, guarantee entertainment, and foster participation. We are in the business of audience engagement and participation through stories of informed hope, both touching and visceral. As humanity’s crises take on different shapes and echoes, the way we go about our business is constant: Boldly choose avenues of storytelling that peer deeply into the heart of human nature.

Rough Diamond continuously works with top directors and writers with original voices and visions, and cultivates top talent relationships in a collaborative fashion. To date, films produced by Julia Verdin and Rough Diamond have gone into many major film festivals including Sundance, Toronto and Venice, and been picked up by major film studios and TV networks.

Rough Diamond is also now actively moving into TV and is developing several exciting series.

Rough Diamond productions also offers producing services and film related consultation to other filmmakers.

Our Team

Julia Verdin

Julia Verdin


British producer Julia Verdin has established herself as one of Hollywood’s leading independent film producers with over 32 feature films produced to date.

Verdin has produced theatrical releases including the Newmarket release Stander, directed by Bronwen Hughes, starring Thomas Jane, Deborah Unger, Dexter Fletcher and David O’Hara; Sony Classics release The Merchant of Venice, directed by Michael Radford, starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes; and Riding The Bullet based on a Stephen King story, directed by Mick Garris, starring David Arquette, Jonathan Jackson and Barbara Hershey, and 2 Jacks, directed by Bernard Rose, starring Danny Huston, Jack Huston and Sienna Miller.

Verdin actively runs her organizations Rough Diamond Productions, Rough Diamond Management, and currently serves on the board of directors of BAFTA.

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