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Julia Verdin

Domiccilium Review – Pavement

Buckley Clarke (Lauren Holly) is a cop in San Francisco on the trail of a serial killer who has been murdering medical staff using loads of syringes. His latest victim is Samuel Brown’s sister. Samuel (Robert Patrick) is a tracker…

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Variety Review – Stander

Posted on September 9, 2003 by hsevis   By ROBERT KOEHLER An Odeon Films release (in Canada) of a Seven Arts Pictures presentation in association with Peter and Susan Hoffman of an Imaginarium/Grosvenor Park/Seven Arts co-production in association with Industrial…

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Variety Review – I Witness

By SCOTT FOUNDAS Veteran B-movie helmer Rowdy Herrington shows his chops in genre-infused “I Witness,” a thriller set in Mexico, with skinhead, tattooed thugs straight out of central casting, and the requisite outbreaks of gunfire from unseen assailants. It’s a…

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