So you want to produce an independent film?

It’s not difficult. It’s just hard work and having knowledge. Trying to navigate the film producing landscape from financing, tax credits, business planning and talent sourcing to sales and distribution negotiations will take you forever to learn. You need an advise from a pro who has done it and can help you through.

Julia Verdin, producer who has made 30 critically acclaimed feature films, has done it all, creating a consistent body of work in the independent film industry for almost 30 years. She has produced a variety of feature films on all budget levels, developed a huge national network and on the ground experience from producing movies in many countries including the US, England, South Africa, and Hungary. Some of her prominent works include Merchant of Venice with Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, Stander with Thomas Jane and Deborah Unger, and 2 Jacks with Danny Huston, Jack Huston and Sienna Miller.

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Here are some questions you need to answer for yourself:

  • Have you created a script that’s a masterpiece but you can’t get anyone interested or don’t know what to do next?
  • Do you need help creating a business action plan to get your film into production?
  • How do you go about packaging and attracting talent to your project?
  • Do you need help and advice on where to go to find financing?
  • Do you need to shoot your film on a certain budget level and need help figuring out how to do that?
  • Do you just need a 1-hour consultation to go through production pitfalls and how to avoid them?
  • Have you made a film and need help as to how to approach the festival circuit, market it and sell it?

Raindance LA consulting producer, Julia Verdin, offers the inside track and accelerated learning through this Raindance Consulting Producer Service, providing consultation on producing independent feature films Worldwide. Verdin offers world-class consulting on every aspect of getting your film developed, financed, shot, festival-ready, marketed and sold for distribution, in US and for world markets.

We help filmmakers by giving them the tools to make their dreams come true!

Whatever your needs, we can tailor a consultation that works for you and your needs.

They can be done by phone, Skype, FaceTime or in person at Raindance LA office.

The consultation starts with a free 15-minute discussion about your project…and goes from there!

“I wish that I’d had someone I could go to help me navigate my way through developing scripts, working out financial structures, production budgets and marketing plans when I was making my first feature. I consider myself a cut-to-the chase producer who will tell you like it is about what it takes to make a film. Through my years of experience I can help advise you in all of the areas of film producing, especially in the low budget filmmaking world in US”

– Julia Verdin

Areas of consultation

  • Development consulting
  • Script Consulting
  • Budget Consulting
  • Casting Consulting
  • SAG Agreements and Paperwork
  • Film Financing and Monetizing Consulting
  • Tax Incentives Consulting
  • Film Crew Consulting
  • Production Plan Consulting
  • Film Project Analysis for Marketability and Viability
  • Festival and Release Planning
  • Marketing Plan Preparation
  • International Sales Consulting
  • Distribution Consulting
  • Acting Consulting

If you are struggling with any of the above, trying to get your film developed, shot, released and sold, Julia Verdin’s expertise is available through Raindance LA!

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Hourly Consultation

$ 200

Per Hour

After an initial discussion of your specific project needs, book hourly sessions. Hourly consultations are ideal for specific issues on the following areas –

  • Problem solving
  • Putting out production fires
  • Mid-production game changers

Short lead-time. No follow-up!

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Jump-Start Your Career (1hr)

$ 200

Per Hour

Are you stuck in a rut? Are you not where you want to be with your career in entertainment whether you are an Actor, Writer, Director, Producer or any other filmmaker?

  • Discuss your individual situation
  • Get specific tips
  • Get yourself more visible in the game

Regular rates

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Script Coverage & Notes

$ 400

Starting Per Hour

If you have just finished a script and want to know if it is market ready, this can be an invaluable service.  You only have one shot, so to get coverage and notes from an industry pro can be one of the best gifts you can give yourself. Following choices –

  • Basic Script Coverage and Notes ($400/hr)
    – Coverage and notes are e-mailed to the client
  • Premium Script Coverage and Notes ($600/hr)*
    – Coverage and notes are e-mailed to the client
    – 1 hour face to face consultation with Julia Verdin

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Script Writing Consultation (3hrs)

$ 600

Per Hour

Got a great idea but need to get started but need help to get motivation and start it? Know you need to do a rewrite and are you stuck?

  • Discussing how to find your core story
  • Targeting the specific areas that need reworking
  • Helping you explore solutions

Regular rates

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Production Planning & Mentoring

$ Inquire

(1/2 day or 1 day)

Julia Verdin reads and analyzes your script, discusses a clear understanding of what you want to achieve with your project and guides you with a realistic action plan to move it forward.

  • More in-depth planning solutions
  • Specifics in financing
  • Casting ideas
  • Packaging a project
  • Creating an action plan
  • finding industry contacts & film crew
  • Developing problem-solving strategies
  • Correcting production problems

Quotes available based on film project, type, size and scope, stage of development and producer involvement.

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Project-Based Consultation

$ Inquire


Julia Verdin signs on as one of the following to oversee a feature film and steer it toward completion and success on a long-term basis.

  • Executive Producer
  • Producer
  • Project Supervisor

Quotes available based on film project, type, size and scope, stage of development and producer involvement.

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"I have known Julia Verdin for more than 12 years and I worked with her on several films when I was head of production at Promark Entertainment. I hired her as a producer on several international productions because of her knowledge of international distribution, physical production and talent relationships. She has great story instincts and knows how to re shape a script to make it talent and production friendly.

She also has great on set producing skills and all the films she produced were done on time and on budget. She has great talent packaging skills and put together the casts for several of our films as well as producing them. She was great at getting us top name talent and also finding really interesting choices for all the supporting roles. She is very professional and experienced at what she does and I would highly recommend her both as a producer and for casting purposes."

David Bixler - 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentSVP, Acquisitions & Productions VP, MGM Worldwide Distribution

"Julia is one of the best producer I have ever worked with. She really understands a director’s needs and always seems to solve problems before they happen. She keeps a wonderfully calm, focused set and has a great eye for casting, always delivering me wonderful actors for every role. It helps that she has the best talent connections of anyone I know in the business. Julia will always be my number one choice of producers to work with."

Anthony HickoxDirector: Knife Edge, Blast, Contaminated Man, Consequence, Hellraiser 3

"I worked with Julia Verdin recently on TWO JACKS. We had a wonderful working experience and she worked tirelessly as a producer to get the best for every aspect of the film. She pulled together miracles on the smallish budget we had. As a director I was given all the tools I needed to make a great film and felt backed up by her every step of the way. She fights to get the best of everything.

She also has great taste in actors – we did not use a casting director and cast the film ourselves. She also got me great Heads of Departments who were really creative and good. She also creates a really good energy working environment for all concerned and it was a really good experience all round. I was really pleased with the way the film turned out."

Bernard RoseDirector: Candyman, Immortal Beloved, Mr. Nice and 2 Jacks

"Producer Julia Verdin and I embarked on the most ambitious and exciting feature film of my career thus far, shooting STANDER in the cities and townships of South Africa. The film re-created dozens of notorious bank robberies, as well as riots with thousands of extras and military convoys.

Julia had the ability to keep our production calm, focused and smooth running, even under difficult and challenging conditions. She always maintained a fantastic attitude, and has terrific people skills. As a director, I felt incredibly well supported, especially with her level of perseverance and solution-oriented way of thinking. Working with producer Julia Verdin meant I had an invaluable ally and creative partner.

In addition, Julia through her management background was instrumental in putting together our cast. She has terrific personal contacts in the acting community, and great taste to know who is right."

Bronwen Hughes
Director: Stander, Forces of Nature, Harriet The Spy

"Julia has consulted with me on a number of occasions and I have always been more than happy with the results. I have made several feature films and always begin the process by bringing Julia in at the beginning to give story notes and casting suggestions.

Her story ideas are insightful and her understanding of casting is amazing. The lists of actors she provides me with are fantastic.

When I am in the editing process I turn to Julia again because I have to start the ‘selling phase.’ Julia knows the players out there and who is looking for what kind of film. My investors and I, again, are always happy with the results.

Julia has a wealth of knowledge and gets the job done quickly and perfectly. I couldn’t recommend her more. She really knows the lay of the land."

Jeffrey ObrowProducers and Artists Development Group, LLC

"Julia is one of the most wonderful producers I have worked with. She did an amazing job for us with ‘STANDER’ and as a result I have hired her on a number of other films for the company. I also invited her to join our board of directors on which she served a 3-year term and always had great insights and suggestions. Julia has also consulted for us on a number of projects and is great with script notes and casting ideas and has really good production knowledge and skills. Most importantly, she is passionate, smart, honest and reliable and gets things done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her."

Peter HoffmanCEO – Seven Arts Pictures

"Julia has been an excellent partner in polishing my script for ‘An Invisible Army.’ Her insights into story and character are strong and were most helpful in sharpening the script. Not only was working together a truly creative experience, but has proved to be successful as we now have placed the project with a financing and production company and plan to be shooting the film next spring.

I am most grateful for her passion and commitment to the project and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their script out to the market place."

Eva Gardos
Director: An American Rhapsody