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British Producer Julia Verdin has established herself as one of Hollywood’s leading independent producers, with over 30 critically acclaimed feature films produced to date.

Julia has produced theatrical releases including the Newmarket release Stander (2003), starring Tom Jane, Deborah Unger, Dexter Fletcher and David O’Hara directed by Bronwen Hughes; Sony Classics release The Merchant of Venice (2004), directed by Michael Radford, starring Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and Joseph Fiennes; andRiding The Bullet (2004) based on a Stephen King story, directed by Mick Garris, starring David Arquette, Jonathan Jackson, Erica Christensen and Barbara Hershey.

Her recent faith based film, Lionsgate release, The Least Among You (2009), starring Lou Gossett Jr., Lauren Holly and William Devane, premiered on Showtime and was featured in many major festivals. The film was nominated for the 2012 NAACP awards for Outstanding Television Movie and Best Lead Actor.

Julia’s latest film 2 Jacks, based on Leo Tolstoy short story “Two Hussars,” directed by Bernard Rose, and starring Danny Huston, Jack Huston, Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisset and Billy Zane, was released theatrically in October, 2013. Same year, Julia also Executive Produced Born of War, directed by Vicky Jewson, and starring James Frain and Sophia Black D’Elia.

She is currently developing various projects with well-established Hollywood writers and directors including Surviving Christmas, written and to be directed by Academy Award Nominated filmmaker James Dearden; Invisible Army by acclaimed festival award winning writer/director Éva Gárdos;A.K.A written by Phillip Morton and to be directed by Academy Award Nominated director Jonathan Heap; Curtains, a WGA Autumn Stories 2010 selected period piece about eccentric Parisian stage actress Sarah Bernhardt, written by Cynthia Riddle; Deadline, a true story written by Peter Hunziker & Cynthia Riddle; and will also be a co-producer on William Gibson’s Neuromancer to be directed by Vincenzo Natali.

Some of the films Julia produced earlier in her career include I Witness, directed by Rowdy Harrington, starring Jeff Daniels and James Spader, Green Mail starring Steven Baldwin and Tom Skerritt, The Shipment starring Mathew Modine and Nick Turturro and Elisabeth Berkley, The Contaminated Man starring William Hurt, Peter Weller and Natascha McElhone and STYX starring Peter Weller, Angus MacFayden and Brian Brown, directed by Alex Wright, and all for Promark. Ballad of the Nightingale with Virginia Madsen, Maria Cuccinota (Il Postino), Seymour Cassell, Michael Madsen and Harry Dean Stanton, and Lone Hero directed by Ken Sanzel starring Lou Diamond Philips, Sean Patrick Flanery and Robert Forester, Slipstream starring Sean Austin and Vinnie Jones, and The Set Up, a bank heist thriller based on a James Hadley Chase best-selling novel, which stars Billy Zane, James Coburn, Mia Sara and James Russo for MGM/Showtime, and Temptation, an action-packed revenge thriller for Dino De Laurentis Communications starring Jeff Fahey, David Keith and Alison Doody, both directed by Strathford Hamilton.

One of Julia’s many strengths is her excellent talent connections, and knowing how to acquire the talent and assemble a stellar cast around a great script, and get amazing production value on a very reasonable budget. She has strong story sense and great development skills in working with writers. She has a great passion for film and extensive industry knowledge. She is also very experienced at on-set producing, has great people skills, and has managed to deliver all of her films on time and on budget. She has tremendous knowledge of tax incentive deals, and has shot films in many different locations worldwide.

This experience gave her good insight into the workings of the foreign sales and distribution side of the business as well as the corporate side of the business. She also has extensive talent packaging knowledge, and has cast many feature films for other production entities, as well as acquiring name talent for her own productions.

In the films that Julia selects to produce, she likes to find a good balance of mainstream commercial fare, interesting films that highlight important social issues, and intelligent eclectic films, which she believes in. She is very passionate about the business, and over the years has spoken on many panels, is in demand as a consultant for other indie producers and production companies, and has also helped up and coming talent get their foot in the door.

Julia is based in Los Angeles, and still maintains a base in London. She founded and has been running Rough Diamond Productions, one of the major independent film production companies in Los Angeles, since 1995. She has been serving as a Director on the Board of BAFTA (British Academy of Film and Television Arts) since 2006 and has also served on the Board of Seven Arts Pictures PLC, a public film production and foreign sales company, for three years.




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Producer 2 Jacks
(Danny Huston, Jack Huston,
Sienna Miller, Jacqueline Bisett)
Bernard Rose Breaking Glass Pictures 2012 Los Angeles
Executive Producer Born of War
(Sofia Black D’Elia, James Frain,
Lydia Leonard)
Vicky Jewson Arclight Films 2012 UK/Morocco
Producer The Ninth Cloud
(Jean Hughes Anglade, Michael Madsen,
Leo Gregory)
Jane Spencer Shoreline Entertainment 2010 London
Producer The Least Among You
(Lou Gossett Jr., Lauren Holly,
William Devane)
Mark Young Lionsgate 2008 Los Angeles
Co-Producer Senior Skip Day
(Tara Reid, Larry Miller,
Norm Macdonald)
Nick Weiss First Look Pictures 2006 Los Angeles
Executive Producer The Merchant of Venice
(Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons,
Joseph Fiennes)
Michael Radford Sony Pictures Classics 2004 Italy
Co-Producer Riding The Bullet
(David Arquette, Erika Christensen,
Jonathan Jackson, Barbara Hershey,
Cliff Robertson, Nick Katt)
Mark Garris MPCA 2003 Vancouver
Co-Producer Slipstream
(Sean Astin, Vinnie Jones)
David van Eyessen Lionsgate 2003 South Africa
Producer Stander
(Thomas Jane, Deborah Unger,
Dexter Fletcher)
Bronwen Hughes Seven Arts Pictures 2003 South Africa
Co-Producer Blast
(Eddie Griffin, Breckin Meyer,
Vinnie Jones)
Tony Hickox MPCA/Gemini 2003 South Africa
Co-Producer Dracula 3000
(Casper Van Dien, Erika Eleniak,
Darrell Roodt MPCA/Apollo 2003 South Africa
Co-Producer I Witness
(Jeff Daniels, James Spader,
Portia De Rossi)
Rowdy Herrington Promark UK LTD 2002 Puerto Rico
Co-Producer Consequence
(Armand Assante, Rick Schroeder)
Tony Hickox MPCA 2002 South Africa
Co-Producer Pavement
(Robert Patrick, Lauren Holly)
Darrell Roodt Warner Bros. 2002 South Africa
Co-Producer Black Point
(David Caruso, Thomas Ian Griffith,
Susan Haskell)
David MacKay Promark UK LTD 2002 Canada
Co-Producer Lone Hero
(Lou Diamond Phillips, Robert Forster,
Sean Patrick Flanery)
Ken Sanzel Promark UK LTD 2002 Canada
Producer Greenmail
(Stephen Baldwin, Tom Skerritt,
D.B. Sweeney, Kelly Rowan)
Jonathan Heal Promark UK LTD 2001 Canada
Producer Styx
(Peter Weller, Angus Macfayden,
Brian Brown)
Alex Wright Promark UK LTD 2001 South Africa
Producer The Shipment
(Matthew Modine, Nicholas Turturro,
Robert Loggia, Elisabeth Berkley)
Alex Wright Promark UK LTD 2000 Canada
Producer Contaminated Man
(William Hurt, Peter Weller,
Natascha McElhone)
Anthony Hickox Promark Films 2000 Budapest
Associate Producer In Pursuit
(Claudia Schiffer, Daniel Baldwin,
Dean Stockwell, Coolio)
Peter Pistor Endemol Entertainment 2000 Los Angeles
Co-Producer Ballad of the Nightingale
(Virginia Madsen, Maria Cuccinota,
Seymour Cassel, Harry Dean Stanton,
Michael Madsen)
Guy Greville Morris August Films 1999 Los Angeles
Producer Detour
(Jeff Fahey, Gary Busey,
Michael Madsen, James Russo)
Joey Travolta Shoreline Entertainment 1998 Spokane
Producer Perfect Assassins
(Andrew McCarthey, Robert Patrick,
Portia Rossi, Nick Mancuso)
H. Gordon Boos Promark Films 1998 USA
Producer Matter of Trust
(Joan Severance, C. Thomas Howell,
Nick Mancuso)
Joey Travolta Shoreline Entertainment 1998 Los Angeles
Executive Producer Past Perfect
(Eric Roberts, Nick Mancuso,
Saul Rubinek)
Jonathan Heap Live Entertainment
1996 Vancouver
Producer The Set Up
(Billy Zane, Mia Sara,
James Coburn)
Strath Hamilton MGM/Showtime 1995 Los Angeles
Producer Tempation
(Jeff Fahey, David Keith,
Philip Casnoff, Alison Doody)
Strath Hamilton Dino De Lorentiis 1994 Los Angeles
Executive Producer Spy Trap
(Danielle DuClos, Jason Kristofer)
Arthur Sherman Hemdale 1988 Washington
Executive for W.A.S.A. Films
The Fourth Protocol
(Michael Caine, Pierce Brosnan)
John McKenzie Lorimar Motion Pictures 1987 UK

Julia Verdin is a top film consultant in the industry.

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Julia Verdin is a top film consultant in the industry.

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2 Jacks Sienna Miller, Danny Huston,
Jack Huston, Jacqueline Bisset
Bernard Rose Breaking Glass Pictures 2012 Los Angeles
Born of War Sophia Black D’Elia, James Frain,
Michael Brandon
Vicky Jewson Arclight Films 2012 UK/Morocco
Jack Hunter and the
Treasure of Ugarit
Ivan Sergei, Joanne Kelly,
Susan Ward
Terry Cunningham American Cinema International 2008 Turkey
The Breed Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning,
Oliver Hudson, Hill Harper
Nick Mastandrea First Look Studios, DEJ,
Craven, Maddalena
2005 South Africa
Final Contract:
Death on Delivery
Drew Fuller, Alison King Axel Sand Image Entertainment 2006 Germany
The Hard Corps Sheldon Lettich Sony Pictures
Home Entertainment
2006 Canada
Second In Command Jean Claude Van Damme,
Julie Cox, Raz Adoti
Simon Fellows MPCA, Screen Gems 2005 Romania
Dark Ride Drew Fuller, Allison King Axel Sand Action Concept 2005 Berlin
Charlie Jade Jeffrey Pierce CineGroup,
The Imaginarium
2005 South Africa/Canada
Dead Rail Lou Diamond Phillips, Amy Locane,
Barry Corbin, Steven Brand
Turi Meyer Promark 2004 Utah
Lasko Arnold Vosloo Diethard Kuster Action Concept 2004 Berlin
Mirror Wars Malcolm McDowell Vasili Chaginsky Kremlin Films 2004 Russia
Riding The Bullet David Arquette, Erika Christensen,
Jonathan Jackson, Barbara Hershey,
Cliff Robertson, Nicky Katt
Mick Garris MPCA 2003 Vancouver
Slipstream Sean Astin, Vinnie Jone David Van Eyessen MPCA 2003 South Africa
Stander Thomas Jane, Deborah Unger,
Dexter Fletcher, David O’Hara
Bronwen Hughes Seven Arts Pictures,
New Market Films
2003 South Africa
Blast Eddie Griffin, Breckin Meyer,
Vinnie Jones, Vivica Fox
Tony Hickox MPCA, Gemini 2003 South Africa
Dracula 3000 Casper Van Dien, Erika Eleniak,
Darrell Roodt MPCA, Apollo 2003 South Africa
I Witness Jeff Daniels, James Spader,
Portia De Rossi
Rowdy Herrington Promark UK LTD 2012 Puerto Rico
Consequence Armand Assante, Rick Shroeder Tony Hickox MPCA 2002 South Africa
Pavement Robert Patrick, Lauren Holly Darrell Roodt MPCA 2002 South Africa
Timecop 2:
The Berlin Decision
Jason Scott Lee, Thomas Ian Griffith Steven Boyem Universal Pictures 2002 Los Angeles
Black Point David Caruso, Thomas Ian Griffith,
Susan Haskell
David MacKay Promark UK LTD 2001 Canada
Lone Hero Lou Diamond Phillips,
Sean Patrick Flannery, Robert Forster
Ken Sanzel Promark UK LTD 2001 Canada
Greenmail Stephen Baldwin, Tom Skerritt,
D.B. Sweeney, Kelly Rowan
Jonathan Heap Promark UK LTD 2001 Canada
The Shipment Matthew Modine, Nicholas Turturro,
Robert Loggia, Elisabeth Berkley
Alex Wright Promark UK LTD 2000 Canada
Styx Peter Weller, Angus Macfadyen,
Brian Brown
Alex Wright Promark UK LTD 2000 South Africa
In Pursuit Claudia Schiffer, Daniel Baldwin,
Dean Stockwell
Peter Pistor Endemol Entertainment 1999 Los Angeles
Family Tree Robert Forster, Naomi Judd,
Andrew Lawrence, Mathew Lawrence, Cliff Robertson
Duane Clark Curb Entertainment 1999 Los Angeles
Ballad of the
Virginia Madsen, Maria Cuccinota,
Seymour Cassel, Harry Dean Stanton,
Michael Madsen
Guy Greville Morris August Films 1998 Los Angeles

Julia Verdin is a top film consultant in the industry.

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What others are saying…

"I have known Julia Verdin for more than 12 years and I worked with her on several films when I was head of production at Promark Entertainment. I hired her as a producer on several international productions because of her knowledge of international distribution, physical production and talent relationships. She has great story instincts and knows how to re shape a script to make it talent and production friendly.

She also has great on set producing skills and all the films she produced were done on time and on budget. She has great talent packaging skills and put together the casts for several of our films as well as producing them. She was great at getting us top name talent and also finding really interesting choices for all the supporting roles. She is very professional and experienced at what she does and I would highly recommend her both as a producer and for casting purposes."

David Bixler - 20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentSVP, Acquisitions & Productions VP, MGM Worldwide Distribution

"Julia is one of the best producer I have ever worked with. She really understands a director’s needs and always seems to solve problems before they happen. She keeps a wonderfully calm, focused set and has a great eye for casting, always delivering me wonderful actors for every role. It helps that she has the best talent connections of anyone I know in the business. Julia will always be my number one choice of producers to work with."

Anthony HickoxDirector: Knife Edge, Blast, Contaminated Man, Consequence, Hellraiser 3

"I worked with Julia Verdin recently on TWO JACKS. We had a wonderful working experience and she worked tirelessly as a producer to get the best for every aspect of the film. She pulled together miracles on the smallish budget we had. As a director I was given all the tools I needed to make a great film and felt backed up by her every step of the way. She fights to get the best of everything.

She also has great taste in actors – we did not use a casting director and cast the film ourselves. She also got me great Heads of Departments who were really creative and good. She also creates a really good energy working environment for all concerned and it was a really good experience all round. I was really pleased with the way the film turned out."

Bernard RoseDirector: Candyman, Immortal Beloved, Mr. Nice and 2 Jacks

"Producer Julia Verdin and I embarked on the most ambitious and exciting feature film of my career thus far, shooting STANDER in the cities and townships of South Africa. The film re-created dozens of notorious bank robberies, as well as riots with thousands of extras and military convoys.

Julia had the ability to keep our production calm, focused and smooth running, even under difficult and challenging conditions. She always maintained a fantastic attitude, and has terrific people skills. As a director, I felt incredibly well supported, especially with her level of perseverance and solution-oriented way of thinking. Working with producer Julia Verdin meant I had an invaluable ally and creative partner.

In addition, Julia through her management background was instrumental in putting together our cast. She has terrific personal contacts in the acting community, and great taste to know who is right."

Bronwen Hughes
Director: Stander, Forces of Nature, Harriet The Spy

"Julia has consulted with me on a number of occasions and I have always been more than happy with the results. I have made several feature films and always begin the process by bringing Julia in at the beginning to give story notes and casting suggestions.

Her story ideas are insightful and her understanding of casting is amazing. The lists of actors she provides me with are fantastic.

When I am in the editing process I turn to Julia again because I have to start the ‘selling phase.’ Julia knows the players out there and who is looking for what kind of film. My investors and I, again, are always happy with the results.

Julia has a wealth of knowledge and gets the job done quickly and perfectly. I couldn’t recommend her more. She really knows the lay of the land."

Jeffrey ObrowProducers and Artists Development Group, LLC

"Julia is one of the most wonderful producers I have worked with. She did an amazing job for us with ‘STANDER’ and as a result I have hired her on a number of other films for the company. I also invited her to join our board of directors on which she served a 3-year term and always had great insights and suggestions. Julia has also consulted for us on a number of projects and is great with script notes and casting ideas and has really good production knowledge and skills. Most importantly, she is passionate, smart, honest and reliable and gets things done quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend her."

Peter HoffmanCEO – Seven Arts Pictures

"Julia has been an excellent partner in polishing my script for ‘An Invisible Army.’ Her insights into story and character are strong and were most helpful in sharpening the script. Not only was working together a truly creative experience, but has proved to be successful as we now have placed the project with a financing and production company and plan to be shooting the film next spring.

I am most grateful for her passion and commitment to the project and highly recommend her to anyone who wants to take their script out to the market place."

Eva Gardos
Director: An American Rhapsody