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Film and TV Funding in a New Era

By March 19, 2020March 24th, 2020Blog

Many of you have films and TV projects that you are looking to get funding for or have made and looking to get out into the market place.

There is plenty of funding available.  It is a question of understanding the marketplace and what people are looking for.

You also need to understand what makes a project attractive to investors/ production companies or broadcasters.

Of course, the big question a lot of people are wondering is what will happen with the Cannes film festival and market as this is traditionally one of the major ones.

The good news is that there will still be but not in May as originally planned – as of now, it looks like it will be postponed to the end of June.  In terms of the actual market itself, plans are also afoot for an online market where you can register and set up meetings with buyers on Zoom and other platforms. Here is an interesting article revealing the plans:  If the situation hasn’t improved maybe the whole event will end up being online

If the situation hasn’t improved maybe the whole event will end up being online!

MIPTV festival scheduled for March 28th -April 2nd  normally held in Cannes which was recently cancelled  is now launching an online service at TV execs can’t attend this year due to Corona Virus.  Read more about it here –

As a result, this would substantially cut down travel costs for many and may well be the way things continue to go forward.

I suspect that we will see many other festivals moving towards online platforms in the wake of current events.

The good news is that in any recession, people want to be entertained so traditionally the film business has always flourished.

Whilst we are all working from home and stuck inside, it’s a great time for developing new projects or doing more work on ones you have.  It’s also a great time to further your education on resources available to you.

If anyone is interested in learning more about film and TV financing then check out our upcoming online course.

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