Everyday, the sex trafficking industry grows rampant and continues to hold a global threat on our children’s innocence and safety. Sex trafficking is so out of control now that it has become the second largest criminal activity in the US alone. Education and awareness are desperately needed to prevent future entrapment of innocent minors. Anyone, regardless of their age, sex, race, or demographic can fall victim to traffickers, which is why it is so vital for our communities to understand the reality of this dangerous epidemic. Slavery cannot continue to exist in this modern age.

The practice of narrative story telling is how we as filmmakers spark awareness and unleash real issues to the public eye. Our upcoming movie, LOST GIRLS: ANGIE’S STORY, will focus on the various methods that traffickers use to recruit children. Communities that are aware of signs and symptoms will feel safer knowing their teenagers understand the types of situations to avoid and parents can recognize signs of trafficking and alert officials.

LOST GIRLS: ANGIE’S STORY aims to encourage people, make them step forward, and actively support local organizations pushing for change. We want LOST GIRLS: ANGIE’S STORY to inspire audiences to use their voice and support the victims who were and still are forced to endure the brutal injustice of this slavish market.

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