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Shooting Your Film After Quarantine

By April 20, 2020April 29th, 2020Blog

If you’re planning to shoot your film once the business opens up again, here are some issues you might want to consider.

It is looking likely that production insurance will not cover COVID-19 or other strains of the Coronavirus.  If this is the case, you may need to talk to your production legal about creating some type of indemnification rider acknowledging the risk and agreeing that you will not be liable if they get infected.

You will need to put in safety measures to keep your cast and crew safe.

If tests are available – you may need to test everybody on a daily basis.

You would need to have a cleaning crew to disinfect sets every day and keep bathrooms sanitized.

All would need to wear masks and gloves.

You would have to think about feeding people separately rather than having all eat together.

You would also have to find a safe way for people to have snacks between meals.  A craft service table where people touch food would no longer be an option.

You would have to be particularly careful of any name actors who are essential to your film.  As they are on camera, they would not be able to wear gloves or masks  and if they got sick, you would not be able to complete your production.  This would mean keeping contact with personnel as minimal as possible.

You may need to adapt any scenes with big crowd scenes as this could be very risky.

You may need to scale down on crew size to only the really essential personnel.

So what do you all think these types of changes will look like?

Actors doing their own hair and makeup and dressing?

Packed lunches for crew and cast?

Shorter shooting days as the testing and cleaning process will take up additional time each day?

Will we end up with more realistic cinema as a result? Love to hear people’s thoughts.

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